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  • methychan

    hi there! I haven’t been on here in a decade so .. can someone tell me the sure everyone uses to organize their OC’s 


  • Borderlands

    Are the activities tabs gone? D; That's how I was able to stalk some artists shops!

    bc some just don't update their info on customs shops and what nots, ripperoni.



    OTHER THAN THAT, here's a collab my friend Yami and I worked on! 

    His coloring is always so mesmerizing! 



    Collab between @Sleepy#5526 and myself!

    To see this in it's BEST quality, please open the image in the browser so you may zoom / what not!

    $40USD ( $20 each )

    Comes with 4 crops!

    Tag or DM if interested ~


  • Himsa


    new premade!

    Long ago I wanted to do one of these!

    there is also offer in premades just for today!! (maybe not just today, don't worry)

     stranger 90's 



    Also offer in premades just for today!! (maybe not just today, don't worry)

     Bananas ☺ 




    80$ 65$ 






    move her arm, blink and any suggestion for a change of face expression is welcome 



    60$ 40$ 




    long or short hair:


  • Ariana

    i have one more premade for sale & she needs to go :hee: 


  • Clementea

    Hi, everyone! My "Slots and Special Rewards" carrd.co has been updated and revamped due to me neglecting it for quite long. :llbloodcrie:

    I've also added some recent customers into the special rewards section. The ones who've bought chibi heads for $10 and above is now added to the list. (For example: 1 order is $10 in total or multiple orders that cost $10 or above)


    You may visit it here: https://clementeaslots.carrd.co/


    Please do let me know if you don't find your name in the list because I can forget at times. You're also welcome to let me know if you'd like to use a redeemable reward. Thanks in advance! :llsqueeze:

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