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Happy Lunar New Year fellow Haveners! We're celebrating the Year of the

Rabbit, with a new and exciting drawing prompt. If you're interested please

come and join us for the festivities!

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As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different recently.

There are a few things to address as to why this is happening,

what is currently not available, and what is being planned. 

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Art Haven Newsletter, November






A bug in resizing images was brought to the Art Haven staff team’s attention and over the past few weeks they worked diligently on finding a solution to the problem. The team discovered that the issue was caused by the site’s software developer and the problem was fixed. Testing was conducted across different groups and verified that it did indeed resolve the issue.  


As of November 21st, Art Haven’s annual buy one gift one Elite sale went live! You can buy or renew an Elite subscription and will receive the option to give the same subscription to friends, family members, or even yourself! This will be ongoing until December 21st. 









We hope you all had fun answering the clues and riddles to find each letter for this year’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Art Haven gives a big congratulations to the top 3 winners who won the prizes that were announced in last month’s letter!


1st Place - AggravatedIntentions

2nd Place - Incisive

3rd Place - Clementea







It's time for Art Haven's annual holiday event: Secret Santa Gift Exchange!


Secret Santa is a gift exchange where people are randomly assigned a person to gift! Gifts are most often exchanged in person and can be a wide variety of items. However, our Secret Santa is completely online, and digital art is exchanged between members who sign up. This means you won't know who YOUR Santa is until the day arrives. Leaving thrill and excitement, you will have to wait to receive your gift!


Even though the deadlines are finalized, if you signed up be sure to check out who you were assigned and get those gift making hands ready! If you do not submit by the deadline without a valid reason, you will be put on Art Haven’s Naughty List for 2021! If for any reason you have something come up, please message an Event Coordinator as soon as possible! You can find them on the Art Haven Staff Team hyperlink at the bottom of the website.


Date to post the art: December 24th at 12:00am UTC {AH time} 

You must send your gift by December 26th, 2020





Art Haven's Holiday Cards


We know that holiday cards for loved one can be important, which is why Art Haven has come back with their themed cards! Not only are these a great gift, but if you missed the chance of collecting them last year then now's your chance. Make sure you place your order soon, because Christmas is around the corner and stock is running low!







Have you heard? Santa blessed Art Haven early with the annual 2020 Winter Auction! Though signups are closed, artists are now hard at work to provide amazing images for you to buy. The Auction period will be between December 14th and December 20th, so keep an eye out and satisfy your bidding needs! The theme this year will be...


Mythic Winter Wonderland!






Congratulations to the First Artist of the Moment: Algorithm  

Here's a little message from them:


“Hi, I'm Algorithm, but most of my friends call me Seu. I'm 25 years old and from the Philippines. Computer engineering is my profession, but art is my passion. I started doing art in 2017 but took some time (a hiatus) because of self-doubt and wondering about my own style. After finding my style and getting some support from a few people, I decided to continue my passion. I am still learning in the field of digital art but I love doing gothic, cute, pastel and sexy art styles.”

Check out more of their artwork here!





Congratulations to the Second Artist of the Moment: Riniyu

Here's a little message from them:


“Hello! I am Irina, and many know me as Rina/Riniyu/Rinipon/Rinlatte. I am a digital artist from Romania :) ! Currently I am a student of the Art and Design University studying painting! I have been working as a digital artist for 5 years now, and have been drawing digitally since 2012. As for how long I have been drawing? Since I was 10! You may be asking how old I am, well~ I am turning 22 in January <3. My style includes a lot of anime artwork, kawaii style and also semi-realism~ but I like drawing anything and I want to push my limits! I don't have a job at the moment so I am trying to make a living off selling art! Many might know me off IMVU, from selling badges or display pictures here on Art Haven! I am very glad to be a part of this community. Thank you for having me, and I'm also trying to find more friends, so don't be shy if you want to message me!"

Check out more of their artwork here!









Astronomy’s Interview:

1.) What does your Art Haven username mean and why did you choose it?

My username on Art Haven is identical to the one I have on IMVU. I started my journey selling digital art on IMVU’s art forums a decade ago so it just felt fitting to keep my username for off-site works as well. Anything celestial has always appealed to me and that’s where the username came from in the first place.


2.) Is there anyone who makes your Art Haven experience more enjoyable?

My customers – not just enjoyable but possible in the first place. I’ve been making art for far longer than I thought I would and I still haven’t grown tired of it. It’s so motivating to see people reacting positively to my art and I’m so happy I have customers who have been around for years and who I consider friends by now.


3.) What is your favourite thing about Art Haven?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHRISTMAS SECRET SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Click here to read more of this interview -






Working with skin and muscles can sometimes be tedious, let Silverjow on Deviantart  help you with this simple tutorial!



Credits: Silverjow on Deviantart







2020 has been a crazy year, but it can only get better from here. One thing that the pandemic hasn’t canceled is drawing – which can be a great source of stress relief! With that said, November is the perfect month to continue focusing on themes. If you didn’t or weren’t able to participate in Inktober, it’s never too late! Every month can be its own version of Inktober, but it can be difficult to think of prompts to draw. That’s why Art Haven found the best article for you!


Tiffany Chan is thinking outside of the box, and provides the reader with many categories to be inspired by. Some examples are: Landscape/Perspective, Still Life, Drawing Exercises and so on.. Not only does it give you potential prompts to draw, but Chan also offers drawing tips and CreativeLive resources to continue inspiring the artist. If this doesn’t completely help, many Haveners on Art Haven are always able to encourage you the rest of the way there.


(All credit goes to Tiffany Chan and CreativeLive)






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Gpbj2imQFL9KddmjXgR0dUoYFnAPSZAbXJndTSTRKw3uIUSmQXNjx8BNCZJ5sMk1fHqYCfmIDRD7zN-Girxfw10fjc4YlkuEAthjC9SP7_zxudXNrZZPg-bpVWgkjBuXUs0FIOLd  PW.thumb.png.412a2de1480e86048156d4fd5a68669a.png  ClockworkDoll-HumanForm-FinalWatermark-Websize.thumb.png.0f3864fed71d3d57ab3b50f0190cf729.png



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