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  1. :klove:

    1. PastelHiccups


      Ahhhh!!! She's beautiful!!! I love her. 🥰

    2. Mitchiri


      Thank you ma lady♥ :ohug:

  2. I'm working in badges more than dp ;v; sorry for the wait guys. I will close this shop after finished the orders i have. I want to make those better so i will keep practicing and posting them as a premades c: @Toxicpunkette : Here is your wip♥
  3. You may send here https://www.paypal.me/MitchiriImvu c: if you need my mail let me know and i'll dm it to you
  4. Practicing ♥ those will be available as a premaded (maybe)
    Not sure yet :bhee:
    bruja.png.aa6292e958ed91a1b927f9422daca82b.png bruja2.png.df74afa1ac4c16047dba0935abfbbdb1.png

    1. PastelHiccups


      Looooove em!!!  How much?  ♥♥♥

  5. Back with new premades :blove:


  6. New premade badges ♥ 20x40 ALL SOLD ♥
  7. Mitchiri


    Sorry i killed your screen @Dissocia
  8. @Chespin : You may send ^^ qte aliens are on sale,so it's $5 each or 3x $12
  9. @Errui : Hi you may send♥ Space queen is currently on sale ^^ so it's $5
  10. @Bratling : Hi♥ sorry Morrigan has been sold
  11. @Keai : Hope you like it ♥ let me know if you want any change MyraHex : Thank you♥ i'll be waiting

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