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Status Updates posted by Mitchiri

  1. Premade available ♥ color changes can be made:lazepeek:

  2. I'm so in love with Q-te alien colors ♥ hope you like them :blove:

  3. Premade♥ taking custom orders 

  4. Hello I'm feeling terrible because of Australia fire.
    I'm such an animal lover (you can't much is hurt me when i saw those angels suffering) and i feel desperate since i can't afford enough to help them.
    So i came out with this idea which i really hope to works.
    Contact me for custom badge,dp,chibi. Anything (animals,nature related)
    Your payment will be a proof of you sending any amount of money to help those poor creatures.
    You may send to any coop that help the animals..
    I'm not saying that my art is worth big amount of cash..not at all. I only need to help.
    I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEND ME THE MONEY, all i ask is a proof. That way you can be 100% sure that the money is not being wasted and is going wherever you want to contribute (as long as is for Australia wildlife). ♥. Let's try to give a new chance to one animal.. at this sad point one animal can make big difference.
    Excuse my bad english.

  5. Available premades♥ :ogoodshi:
    Taking customs .
    So, i decided to rise up my prices but in a different way.
    This is how its work♥ . Price for badges smaller than 40x40 cost $5 PER tile.
    Price for badges bigger than 40x40 cost $4 PER tile +$1 to the final price.
    This is a big discount for big pieces :cutehehed:

    I decided to work with those prices since big badges are much easy(for me)than small ones.
    The idea for this is,the bigger the badge the less you pay.Basically.
    Hope this makes sense XD.


  6. :bfcry: i'm soo proud of this set♥
    Remember to grant once made ;v; ♥ forgot to add you also get a non bg for it c:
    dm if interested ♥

    All sold♥

  7. :klove:

    1. PastelHiccups

      Ahhhh!!! She's beautiful!!! I love her. 🥰

    2. Mitchiri

      Thank you ma lady♥ :ohug:

  8. Practicing ♥ those will be available as a premaded (maybe)
    Not sure yet :bhee:
    bruja.png.aa6292e958ed91a1b927f9422daca82b.png bruja2.png.df74afa1ac4c16047dba0935abfbbdb1.png

    1. PastelHiccups

      Looooove em!!!  How much?  ♥♥♥

  9. Back with new premades :blove:


  10. Premade badges on sale ♥

    1. Bunno

      I'm looooving the Monomi and Monokuma ones! :wacry:

    2. Emery

      I sent you a dm about the bears.  :klovee:

    3. Mitchiri

      Tyty :ohug:

      Monomi,Monokuma and pika sold :llampret:

  11. Badges looking for home :blove:

  12. Pokeween(?)
    Those pokemons fits perfect for halloween :lldesire:

  13. ♥ So proud of this one ;v; ♥

  14. ♥ 20x20 Badges
    40x40 collab badge ♥
    Taking customs :llnyaa:



    ♥ Collab with xiandreaix ♥

    Rules For Our Collab:

    ➡️You MAY NOT: change the image, copy, edit, steal, resell, recolor,

    claim as your own once made. absolutely NO revamping by anyone.

    ➡️You MUST credit us in descriptions as the artists:

    xiandreaix and Finn.

    ➡️ You MUST grant our badge art to:

    xiandreaix, tropicalmonkingbird, Mitchiri ONCE MADE.

    ➡️ You MUST NOT revoke our artwork away from any of these accounts:

    xiandreaix, tropicalmonkingbird, Mitchiri ONCE GRANTED.


  15. New premades ♥ and sale !
    (Give me paws sold)

  16. New shop for chibus ♥


  17. Wanted to make a mermaid..
    and boom a bundle was born

  18. Hi ! i'm Mitchiri~ maybe you know my name from a lot of badges made from me,some descriptions or some dp
    I've sadly leave this great community like 2 years ago,for really personal issues.
    Here are some examples of my work. :bfstar:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Naptime

      SCREAMS, I've been inlove with that totoro badge for so LONG-- your art is so cute bless :NOOOOO:

    3. PastelHiccups


      Do you still make badges?  I would love to have some made from you!  ♥  Gotta wait til I get paid again but I sure would loooove toooo!!  ♥♥♥  

    4. Mitchiri

      @katwaii Thank you ;v; ♥ i'm taking some random orders so count with me :cutehehed:

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