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  1. Selling : Price $ 4 per tile. Witch $48 kitty and bunbun $36 Status Witch sold Terms & Info All were characters i created for myself but never used them, so feel free to use as oc s Color changes available For kitty and bun i'm open to make it seasonal without extra cost (just minor changes on bg and colors ) Doodles includes
  2. Selling: Price: Stated in preview Status: Available Terms & Info: Those are some cute charas i did,you will receive the png image used for the preview as well You can use them as ocs or whatever you want ♥ Minor changes available
  3. Selling: Premade badges Price: All prices in preview Status: All available Terms & Info: All images come with the doodle, which was also used as reference . Except for "sirena" which was based in an old traditional drawing i've done years ago. B-day present is a FAN ART of ccs pets kero,momo and Suppie♥ Any question pm me c:
  4. Premade available ♥ color changes can be made:lazepeek:

  5. Selling: Premade badge (40x80) Price: $32 Status: Available Terms & Info: This is based in a oooold drawing i did years ago (the one used for bg yep) i went crazy with colors so color changes are available Sirena means mermaid in spanish
  6. Selling: Some chibus dp ♥ 160x220 >> Foxy // Bunbun // Ara-chan >> (spider in spanish is "arana" so.. Ara-chan ♥ ) Price: $ 14 each Status: Ara-chan (last one) sold All available Terms & Info: Bg can be changed, for animated ones non-animated included. Would love to not make changes but if you really want one and need a minor change i'm open to (without extra cost).
  7. Selling Circus themed badges Price Each image comes with the price All is $ 4 per tile except for Selfie which is on special price ♥ Status Selfie sold Hammy sold Rest is available Terms & Info All of these are original images, using just rl animals to make the doodles ♥ Selfie was inspired in a monster doll but i cant remember the name xD this was an old premade i just revamped I do holds and color changes are available
  8. Selling: Premade Badges and dp All prices showed in preview Status: Near the end sold Available ♥ Terms & Info: Badges : Reaper : Is just my concept of the reaper, with inspiration here and there from Rave, Corpse bride (and a bit of hell). Nezuko revamped ( this was a bigger version but i decided to change the size, so i removed the box and made her full body ) this is a fan art of Nezuko from Demon Slayer ♥ ( original ref from here ) ♥ Dp : Color changes available, comes with non animated.
  9. Thank you so much for the tip, all sent ♥
  10. So glad you like it ♥ i'll send images through private message once i receive the payment Decided to charge similar to my badge prices (for a 40x40 would be $16) this one is 50x50 c: do you think $18 is good? You may send payment here Also don't worry about the other one, i'll be using just the body base (will remove everything) no need to pay anything for that
  11. Hi here is the wip+sketch sorry i've added a lot of details already xD however, you may request all the changes you want ♥ Edit : Decided to add a big version ♥ the big one is just a simple base c: if you choose this one then i'll be adding all the details of course
  12. Thank you ♥ i'll be showing you some wips soon c: and i take payment once you're happy with the final image ♥
  13. No problem ♥ sorry it's been a long time since i worked in something to pinkish Those are quite oldish, i can work in any style so i would make it as pinku as you want
  14. Hi c: i think you skipped me hehe
  15. Hi ♥ i do badges and i want to expand into icons,dolls etc c: do you think i can try? i don't have any example more than badges ;v; For prices i thought something around 10-15$ you may decide ♥ ( would be a full body doll +sketch) This is the biggest badge i've done recently (for size something similar to the duck with the frog c:) . Thanks for your time
  16. I'm so in love with Q-te alien colors ♥ hope you like them :blove:

  17. Premade♥ taking custom orders 

  18. Hello I'm feeling terrible because of Australia fire.
    I'm such an animal lover (you can't much is hurt me when i saw those angels suffering) and i feel desperate since i can't afford enough to help them.
    So i came out with this idea which i really hope to works.
    Contact me for custom badge,dp,chibi. Anything (animals,nature related)
    Your payment will be a proof of you sending any amount of money to help those poor creatures.
    You may send to any coop that help the animals..
    I'm not saying that my art is worth big amount of cash..not at all. I only need to help.
    I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEND ME THE MONEY, all i ask is a proof. That way you can be 100% sure that the money is not being wasted and is going wherever you want to contribute (as long as is for Australia wildlife). ♥. Let's try to give a new chance to one animal.. at this sad point one animal can make big difference.
    Excuse my bad english.

  19. Available premades♥ :ogoodshi:
    Taking customs .
    So, i decided to rise up my prices but in a different way.
    This is how its work♥ . Price for badges smaller than 40x40 cost $5 PER tile.
    Price for badges bigger than 40x40 cost $4 PER tile +$1 to the final price.
    This is a big discount for big pieces :cutehehed:

    I decided to work with those prices since big badges are much easy(for me)than small ones.
    The idea for this is,the bigger the badge the less you pay.Basically.
    Hope this makes sense XD.


  20. :bfcry: i'm soo proud of this set♥
    Remember to grant once made ;v; ♥ forgot to add you also get a non bg for it c:
    dm if interested ♥

    All sold♥

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