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  1. Chovie

    hi I draw [2/2]

    GUYS im not open rn lol ill be opening slots again once im finished with these two that I currently have
  2. Chovie

    hi I draw [2/2]

    @Posi @Hiroki accepted everyone else -- feel free to try again if you have different characters, thanks!
  3. Chovie

    hi I draw [2/2]

    hi I draw for frens - pls no giant folders of characters pick one character for me to draw - I'll only draw characters there is already art for, I wont draw from multiple references so pls adjust your sta.sh folder accordingly ty much appreciate, post away! to draw posi hiroki
  4. Chovie


    ahhhhh thank you!!! <3
  5. n-neesan :kwave:

  6. Chovie


    a quickie from my free shop for June ^^
  7. @Alismora ahhh okay, thanks for letting me know! I might have had Bedlam delete my account before I left the old gasr, but if it's still on there the account name would be Utai otherwise ill just reapply again in the future^^
  8. I'd like my name down for artist of the moment!
  9. Hi! If I have the True Art badge on my account for IMVU, would I still be able to get it on here? I used to be on the old forum, but didn't transfer over here until now ;; Edit: My account on IMVU is Utai
  10. I think it'd be awesome where we did an event for the houses where we either create a character or dress our characters up in house uniforms! Idk if there are uniforms already made, but we can also have an event where we ask each house to design a uniform for the school!! Then make a template for characters for users to fill in like on DA when they make groups for certain themes. Does that kinda make sense???? LOL
  11. WIP for a new premade! You can changer her tie color to the house that youre in hehe :byaslove:


  12. does anyone know a good image resizer that doesn't cause a loss in quality? my crops are always blurry ;;

    1. Paige


      You could download gimp and use that :cutehehehaaas: You can animate on it too and usually you don't lose too much in quality.

    2. Chovie


      ahh ok, thank you! ^^

  13. a quickie:lazerose:



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