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  1. ChUwUbacca

    ChUwU form[CUSTOM]

    More customs for Form (non-animated)
  2. Custom animated badge for Form on IMVU on autogrant on their homepage!
  3. ChUwUbacca

    Custom Icon [CUSTOM]

    Custom animated icon for Bindme on IMVU
  4. ✧ PREMADE NAME: space groove ✧ MAIN TEXT: Stephen ✧ WATERMARK TEXT: ChUwUbacca ✧ EMAIL: [email protected]
  5. **STREAMING SOME CUSTOM PIXELS** *COME JOIN ME* *Enjoy some art, memes, music, giveaways, and chatting!*
  6. hello I do twitch emotes, badges, etc. c: $5 per emote
  7. ChUwUbacca

    CHUwU Collab FOR SALE

    ♥ $50 ♥ DM TO CLAIM
  8. ChUwUbacca

    ChUwU kuromelody

    **premade Icons** $17 or 40k :hearts: Each SOLD TO MANJU & ON HOLD FOR VANATEI
  9. Text : Stephen Watermark : ChUwUbacca Type : artists choice! [Full color or sketch, half body sound good!] Character(s) : Ghost & Bull (NSFW) | Killer bun Katie |kawaii Unicorn bb References : in the Pose ref(s) : in the Background : just basic colors/gradient is fine :D Extra : your choice of character! most of the references are in the stash's for each character, but let me know if you need anything else :D
  10. ChUwUbacca


    Custom icon for Camsuu on IMVU Custom icons/badges/etc. are open DM for more info
  11. ChUwUbacca

    ChUwU_Garden Icon

    This was a premade icon and is now owned by Wuffs on IMVU CUSTOMS AVAILABLE DM FOR MORE INFO
  12. ChUwUbacca


    Custom icon for Muca on IMVU, Custom icons/badge/etc. are open DM for more info!
  13. ChUwUbacca


    GORGEOUSSSSS ;w; I neeeed to save up $ to commission my main OC Ghost from youu ♥3♥ *the character in my prof. pic xP*
  14. ChUwUbacca


    custom for the imvu user innocentdollificbrat on IMVU customs like this are $35 or 70k
  15. Hello c: I make product icons and i have different options for whatever price you're looking at! Simple - $5 or 10k Semi-complex - $11 or 22k Complex - $15 or 35k
  16. ;w; tysm bbu Beners!! ♥♥ These are my icons and prices!! Simple Icons: $5 or 10k Semi Complex: $11 or 22k Complex: $15 or 35k and I also do bundles for $30 of an icon + a banner
  17. ChUwUbacca

    CHUwU Skulls

    ALL SKULLS SOLD EXCEPT FOR THE BLUE ONE !!! $3 or 7k Customs also available
  18. **LONG FURBY'S** SOLD: Rainbow/Demon Price: $15 or 35k

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