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  1. hii! happy to see you’re doing good!! just a couple of things i wanted to clarify, for the hair to be black and the shirt to be black as well (,: if its just the process i completely understand!! other than that shes coming out great :33
  2. hi bb! im so sorry im barley seeing this😭 my notifications are all messy. but looking amazing so far. again im so sorry.
  3. is the waitlist for new orders :o or from previous orders
  4. topic link: action: delete please thanks <3
  5. claim! wip @Calypso love! thanks so much🤍 @Challie
  6. Promise

    Chloe DP

    gorgeous work
  7. claim trying different coloring techniques. @Pyo so gooood!thank u smmm
  8. not sure if i want her to have pink hair honestly ,, dont kno her name..
  9. - no tracing/reselling - no claiming as your own work - pls put your own text
  10. claim so good! im in love with it omg thank uuu @Bruna
  11. (personal scribble work, lol) (recent premade (SOLD)) (TW⚠️: personal work)

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