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  1. claim @Mya a wip for u madame @Mya @Luxor i love it thanks 💕
  2. claim! @Careworn a quick lil doodle @Calypso no pls it’s so cute! i love it
  3. 2000 Sceney Weenie Halloween Edition Baby My IMVU Avatar My 2 Bffs :3 My Persona (Promise) (IRL) PLEASE NO STEALING/CLAIMING AN OC OF MINE. I LOVE MY BABIES SO MUCH.
  4. General Use: You can use these to sell as premades! Please tag me ! I would love to see what you will do with them click My Personal Use: Coming Soon. have fun! i hope these inspire you!
  5. Topic Link(s): here Action: Choose one: delete pls thanks
  6. hello~ i’m posting some of my screenies & ocs in hopes it can help you practice; overcome art block Rules: Please only use for practice purposes only. I will deny any requests to resell any of my screenies or OCs to be sold as premades. Screenies/OCs: - my imvu screenies : all watermarked due to a previous “artist” stealing my screenshots & selling premade art of my avi without permission. if you are interested in using the screenie(s) as a reference (wanting the watermark off for better view) please feel free to PM me - my ocs: i will only be posting a few of my OCs~ FYI: the ocs i will be posting here we’re created on the website Picrew (you will come to an understanding of where they come from) basically you get the be creative and unique when creating your OC Text & Watermarks: Promise (for both) i will also be very opened you putting your name somewhere on the piece Notes: artist freedom 100% & have fun
  7. guess who’s back Name: Promise & Vanessa Reference's/Screenshot's: hereee Theme: Kawaii/Cute Notes: for background can i pm? :3 + wanting them to blink for animation!! eek she doesn’t want it animated /_\ but still same order!!!
  8. love it so much! thank you cutie!
  9. claim quick “chibi” i’ve been playing around with different styles lolz anyway hope u enjoy~ @Baah @Suney dude it barley notified me i’m so embarrassed but this is so amazing i’m in love thanks so much !!!
  10. so cute! yes baby i don’t mind at all <3 lookin gooood
  11. Promise

    Music (v2)

    the Lil Peep song is a bit older but lately i’ve been sobbing because i miss him :3 enjoy
  12. Promise

    320x440 PYOC

    the cutest as always
  13. Promise

    Dila <3

  14. Promise


  15. Name: Promise Reference's/Screenshot's: Theme: kawaii/cute Notes: for her skin tone i am wanting her to be pale/fair toned + A LOT of blush :3 // the stuffies in ref are not all “required” i just put ideas on what exactly what i’m wanting :3 you may pick whichever stuffies you would like ^^ ty bb <3 @Noodles
  16. Promise

    Chespin custom

    gorgeous work as always
  17. she’s gorgeous cutie! thanks so much !!!!
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  18. love it! 17k? lmk cutie
  19. it’s looking gorgeous cutie! i’m so excited!!!

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