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  1. @Zalila Here it is You can PM me for any changes (background or hair)
  2. @Zalila hey pretty I'll send you an invoice as usual and get on finishing the premade! For the hair, it's actually slighty brownish! Did you want it lighter?
  3. I have implemented a point system that will work as follow @Zalila You have a reward to claim R E W A R D S 〉 For every premade bought, you will be assigned a 〉Every 3 premades brought, you will receive a reward which can either be 10$ off your next purchase or a headshot sketch 〉Everytime you redeem an offer, the counter resets -------------------------------------------------------------------- New premade is up for sale!
  4. I'd like my name down for artist of the moment s'il vous plait.
  5. new premade in the making //will be whiping up some cute&girly premades soon
  6. new premade on the way


  7. new premade spoiler for mature red fox inspired
  8. new premade up in my shop, I won’t post a wip here because its mature content!

    premade is fox inspired :hee:



  9. new premade on the making (colours subject to change) TBA
  10. @Zalila Payment received! thank you for buying
  11. @Zalila sure hun I should be the one thanking you No problem for the eyes I’ll send you the files after payment as usual~
  12. @Zalila Payment received Thank you for buying!
  13. @Zalila Okidoki! I will be sending you an invoice and the files tonight after payment. No worry about the eye colour change, it’s minimal so free!

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