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  1. @lotusillustration Heya, hi!! Here's the lineart and base colours! Let me know if there are any changes.
  2. Main text: Clementea (If necessary) Characters: Clicky here. Feel free to choose whichever character you like the most! You're free to come up with the pose and expression. Thank you for considering!!
  3. Finished this regular style headshot for @Lalaani! Thank you so much for commissioning me! UPDATE - One slot is now open!
  4. @lotusillustration Hiya, hi!! Here's the super rough sketch! Let me know if there are any changes.
  5. @Lalaani Here's an update!! I tried fitting in the strawberry with wings decal on her shirt. Let me know what you think!
  6. @Lalaani Heya, hi!! Here's the lineart plus base colours! Let me know if there are any changes.
  7. @Medic AAA she looks amazing!! And the background is just what I'm looking for! Thank you so much for drawing her!!
  8. @Lee Thank you so much!! UPDATE - Heya, everyone! I'm just here to announce that this shop is now squeaky clean and the layout has been revamped! I'm now finished with all the orders in my waitlist (More like 'almost' because I'm currently working on that one last order, hehe), so I'll be opening slots in batches like usual! The waitlist has been removed due to that, however, but I'll make it available again at certain occasions. To fill up this shop, here's a regular chibi art commission I finished for 44th on Discord!
  9. @Medic SHE LOOKS SO CUTE aaaAAA Oo, for the background, can it be a gradient of yellow and pink? Thank you!
  10. @Medic Waa, she looks so cute so far!! No changes at all!
  11. Topic Link(s): Action: Clean, please!
  12. @Lalaani Added her nose piercing and made her lip piercings spiky! Let me know what you think.
  13. @Lalaani Ahh I didn't notice her face piercings earlier, sorry about that!! Here's an update! Let me know what you think.

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