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  1. Artist: Crima Premade name: The Haunting Bid: 40
  2. Will send in the morning when I wake up or after class tmr!
  3. • Premade: 1 • Text: Anny • Watermark: Anny • Price: 30
  4. Why did you decide to apply? Prior to me applying I had always been a lurker, looking throughout all the forms for mainly art at the time and eventually it became a daily thing. I skim over shops, participate in events that I was able to, and read over announcements that were posted by the staff team. I was always intrigued by the staff team and was interested in how they ran the site and how involved they were. For a while I didn't think I was up for it just because I didn't think I''d be of much help to the team itself so I put it off for a while. Constantly the thought of wanting to be apart of the community in ways bigger than just a member, and coincidentally the staff team had open up staff apps and so i pushed myself to apply and here we areee 2 ish years later How did you feel when you first applied? At first I felt so overwhelmed with everything. In the beginning i felt nervous, scared but excited and happy. There was so many emotions running through my head but I also did not want to let anyone down. I honestly wanted to run and quit because of how overwhelmed i felt but after some time and ofc the help of my fellow team I got the grooove into things and also the best support system (': Did you apply more than once? If so, what kept you from being discouraged? I applied once in late 2017 I believe and then left in early/late early 2018 for personal reasons. Then rejoin the team in late 2018s till now Are you currently serving the position you initially applied for? Initially, I applied to be a art shop/shop&services moderator but I'm currently now a administrator and although i loved my role as a shop&services mod I love my current position just as much. How did you adjust to becoming a team member? Adjusting to the team is quite easy! When I first joined everyone is so welcoming and sweet. Any questions or concerns I had my questioned would be answered in no time and everyone helps each other out. Learning something new takes time to adjust and time to get skills required for certain tasks and all of the team members are so understanding and patient with one another it makes it very easy for new members/rejoining members and even older members to adjust. Do you enjoy your position? If so, why? Absolutely I do. I've gain aspects in multiple areas, that has opened my eyes. I'm happy to know that our users feel comfortable to come to me with any questions or concerns that may have and know that I will answer to the best of my ability and to our current mods that come to me for help they need help with and know that I will have a answer for them with confidence. How have you personally benefited from joining the team? I've learned to not be so sensitive and take things to heart. Has being a moderator ever cut into your personal time? No. not really. I'm the one that applied and I knew what I was getting into. If my life was too hectic then I would not be apart of the staff team right now Have you ever felt the team discussed members in a manner that was disrespectful? No. If a member's name is brought up and discussed it is for within reason and with respect and professionalism. While we are all human and have our own opinion we discuss matters with as much unbiased-ness? is that a word??? I dont know.. HAHA Has being a moderator been stressful for you? If so, how have you dealt with it? It was stressful in the beginning when I didn't know exactly what I was doing and ofc even know from time to time but what doesn't stress me out is the question hahaaa. Just know your limits and take breaks when needed What would you wish to say to members who have heard the staff team is mean? What you hear is what you only hear what you see yourself is different. People will always talk bad about something but it's ultimately up to you on if you want to listen to meer rumors of what they think or see for yourself.
  5. i love her thank yous again <3
  6. Goooodluck to everyone applying !!!!!!
  7. The girl with bubble tea omfggggg
  8. Anny

    cloud 9 [0]

    such pretty art omgg
  9. love you 

    swoon love GIF by NICOLE DONUT

    1. James


      i love you more uwu

  10. pew pew put ur hands up!!

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      wyd tonight lets facetime

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      im working tonight, tomorrow???

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      yesyes tomorrow works

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