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Status Updates posted by SweetieBear

  1. Custom dps are 5$ each get yours today!!

  2. Halloween themed DPS are 5$ for couples it will be 10$ for regular aswell get yours today while on sale

  3. Premades for sale  2 for 10$ or 5 $ each

  4. For any 2 of the 15 $ premades get free custom!! Halloween themed only!!!!

  5. Sale now for two premades that are 2 for $15 on any premade pyoc and animation is free I will make more with the same base!

  6. Here is a claimable wip of 




  7. Here is a claimable wip of 

    Alien Princess



  8. Here is a claimable wip of 

    lil cow babie



    New base style!!!!!


    1. SweetieBear

      thank you hun i'm testing my tablet its weird but i have to get used to it!

  9. Hey guys I finally just got my drawing tablet  I think it's the Samsung drawing tablet??? So I am trying some experemental premades  I will show them soon I'm just testing it

  10. I'm going to re draw Ella instead of a chibi she will be like a sexy maid killer  and maybe jinx through the same base just not the same items

  11. Sale for customs  buy two and get a free custom full body for free of your oc!!

    1. SweetieBear

      Customs are 50% off so get them now!! I have 4 slots open in my custom shop

  12. 50% off on my shop and old premades are 70% off i am making new premades tonight!!

  13. 1 slot left in freebie shop and wait list is open

  14. 2 slots left in freebie shop!!!

  15. 3 slots open in freebie shop and 4 slots open in custom which is 50% off

  16. Looking for  someone to let me draw an anime doll and chibi doll in my freebie shop!!!  slots will be open shortly for open list and wait list!! also 50% off customs and 70% off of old PREMADES!!

  17. Custom shop now 70% off even premades!!

  18. 50% off until December get your custom now, I  also have a freebie shop  check them out!!

  19. Shop is now 15 $ and below!

  20. Hey guys I really need money this week my shop will be 50% off I would really appreciate it if you guys ordered or bought a premade I am putting more put today!!

  21. open slots in freebie shop!!

  22. All premades are now 5$ each!!

  23. New style maybe??

    Kinda like it but idk just yet what do you guys think??


  24. Debating and what to make next!! I wanna do something dark and cute at the same time!!

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    2. Suga

      idk the names unfortunately but the zombie girl and the dracula girl were my favssss rochelle is cute too!

    3. SweetieBear

      Oooh okay! I will sketch it out now and I love dracula an I think the zombie girl is ghoulia?? And Rochelle  is cute aswell!!

    4. SweetieBear

      I think that might be a new style monster high dolls we'll see how I do keep a look out @Suga!! Maybe we can make your custom as a full body monster high!! Of your oc!!

  25. kuromi adopt is coming up shortly!!

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