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  1. Radd

    My Sona

    aww, I love the sloth too
  2. ►ordering: chibi dp ►refs: ►pose: ►colors:pinks, white, red (in refs) ►background: ►text: Tiara and watermark: Radd ►extra: blinking & blushing animation, she has translucent pink sleeves, blonde eyebrows, not sure which eye color to do, maybe if I can see wips with both eye colors for the flat color stage?
  3. She looks super beautiful wow, thank you yumi <333
  4. She looks very adorable awwww, I feel this style really matches her personality, the brown mushroom really matches well in the color schemes too, Thank you for drawing her I didn’t know colorful mushrooms were poisionous atfirst I learned something new hahaa & sorry for the inactivity I was out of town for some days
  5. She looks so cute, I love her 🖤 & sorry for late reply been so busy today ;o; I’m fine with dark hair and a bit of lighting & Invoice paid~ : )
  6. Hii Yumi! she looks very cute, just a few changes her ghostie ear bubbles have black liquid inside with sad faces/mouth and drippy eyes, the same expression as her ghostie tail, I have a newer ref sheet here she has heart clips on the right side, & if she can have darker hair with a bit of her ombré, and more buttons on her chest, but that’s all, sorry for any confusion, Ik she’s a detailed character the bunny bandages refs are in the ref too, I’m glad you like her I really like her facial expression, the blush on her nose, & lipstick too!
  7. Delilah looks so beautiful wow, I’m glad I gave artistic freedom, I’m even more excited to see how she looks colored now Do take things easy <3 & I just want to say your art pieces blow me away a lot, I try not to be a fangirl though by commenting since some might find that weird hahaaa. I also feel mushrooms are cute so I’m fine with it! I’ve sent payment ooh, later I noticed she might be missing her oval shaped hair clip, but that's all~ hope it isn't too much of a biggy @princepol
  8. may I be added to the taglist for customs & premades please
  9. thank you for accepting, I'm excited to see how she comes out 😊
  10. going to repost my forms if that’s okay : o
  11. FORM! Order type: Couple, Bribe Text: (on left) Tiara, Fefe(on right) Watermark: Radd & Exed Character (references all together): Pose and expression: Background idea: Total price (u can always ask if confused): $55 if not let me know please : )
  12. hi, just wanted to mention I claimed a bribe slot, may I be added to slots?
  13. I’m excited toooo , may I also be added to the taglist for this shop?

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