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  1. Inerlime


    OC: all here Text: In
  2. Hi, ocs: vampire lady or or my persona text: In thank youuu
  3. Inerlime

    ✧ so 90s ✧

    form: reference(s): my oc pose(s): in album expression(s): ^ extra: n/a
  4. Hi! My screens: 1 2 3 Text: In
  5. I am alright, very tired today, how was your day?
  6. Inerlime

    bunny bb

    Woah! Gorgeous.
  7. Oh, love your style. Form Text: In Oc/refs: 1 or 2 Extra: just have fun!
  8. Even when I tried to think positive everything went downhill everytime so now I am like meh... Nothing it's whatever you know…
  9. Yea i try to be strong but when everyone ignores your existance eventually makes you feel sick... Thank you tho!!
  10. I feel so lonely and all alone in the world. If anyone feels so... Post...
  11. Yeah it's an OC. I've made an OC that is a vampire inspired by me lol.
  12. Your DP is really pretty. You draw so well btw!
  13. Hi Miranda! I am Ingrid, 24yo. I also like art. That's why I manly come on Gasr. To look at the beautiful art. What helps me with my struggles is music, reading, walking alone, crying… Lol. Sometimes you just got to cry out the bad emotions.

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