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Female, Petite
Im an introvert n socially awkward to STRANGERS, I dont talk much but its fine to be friends w me but u may find me struggling to keep the conversation goin if we still dont know each other so im sorry... in advance. 
But- here's a lil bit about me;
I love drawing n i accept commissions to support my daily bills but i always try to give the best outcome of every orders. It takes me a while to finish as I procrastinate a lot. And i've always been indecisive so it wont be finished until im fully satisfy. My styles vary, if u've been following me since 2015 u'll notice... BUT im glad tht its the kind of positive changes. Last but not least, tysm for those who keeps buying arts frm me ily
Inspirations : BJD, Japanese fashion, anime, manga,
Real life connections : Ezariel(big sissy), Haziel, MayVenn


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