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If you're experiencing a problem or need to report something, do NOT PM me. However you can PM me about locking/deleting/restoring your shop or if you have any questions! Otherwise, send a support ticket under "help > support" or report the content with a comment. 


If commissioning me, please keep in mind I have multiple orders to work on. Times vary and if you have any concerns at all or would like information, let me know. All of my shop rules apply.





do you make couples/group pics?

yeah, im always down to do couples and groups!


are you currently taking private commissions?

yep just shoot me a PM!!!! we can discuss over discord if you prefer it or on messenger. i usually get more private commissions anyway so don't be shy to ask!


can you draw me something for free?

no, what the heck


how long do you take to respond/complete a piece?

to respond, if not immediately, usually the same day. (time zones are a thing btw!) to complete a piece, it honestly depends on what you order. you can ask for an estimate when i accept your order. 


can you draw my oc in a specific style i saw you do?

depends, but usually yes. sometimes what you guys think is a different style is actually the same style (i draw it the same way with my usual steps) but came out looking different for whatever reason. other times i was just making personal art and did things differently cuz i was practising something. so basically, i urge you to be specific about the style and what you like about it, and to expect different prices than for my usual commissions.


do you take credits?

no, paypal or bank transfer only if possible.


do you make furry or extreme fetish art?

if you bribe me. otherwise i wouldn't be able to show you any examples of itbut ask me in case i may accept :)


do you accept refunds?

no, you are paying for my time as well as the product, and i cannot get that back so let's be fair please!


do you draw pets?

i prob dont have recent examples, but i do! you can always ask to see a sketch if you need proof for some reason.


can you make icons or twitch/discord emotes?

yep! let me know if you'd like to see my examples of those. i can make banners and twitch pages as well.


do you do NSFW art?

yes, always ;) but in PM only.

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