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    Mains: Bwat & Babes
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F2U || Shooting Star 1 by Sugary-Stardust MfdX1FS5fCzG0Ad_xZI1w0oQTMBtDV_Ai2ZBay-EP1KfbIC5il1UjtH5p6cHZ6Eh-OUn9CAvzNmAAO6gURFUGQWQg3h0vg6V10VZmHTFQwFZMi_XLfdypSv8gqJW5oEO8k2YqhNp F2U || Shooting Star 2 by Sugary-Stardust


care bears rainbow by stardust-palace


About Me:

Hiya!! I'm Nikki! I like cute things and hanging out with my friends! I am a little/brat and I spend too much time coloring. Whoopsies! If you have to reach me by any means, please do send me a message! I do not bite. I also have my social medias below if you prefer reaching out to me from there. Thank you!

care bears rainbow by stardust-palace

care bears rainbow by stardust-palace


Likes: my friends, stuffies, coffee, money, food, cuddling, nice people, sleeping, art, spending money,  rainbows,  music, gaming,  singing, hanging out with friends


Dislikes: mean people, gross bathrooms, crying, being judged before people get to know me, spinach, soda (except for sprite), bad grammar/spelling. 

Social Media:

IMVU Accounts: Bunn, Bwat, Babes, Likey, Owwie

Toyhouse: Nikki

Instagram: cwutely

Tumblr: dm me if you rlly want it

Discord: nikki#1234 (most active)

DeviantArt: Tiredly

care bears rainbow by stardust-palace

care bears rainbow by stardust-palace


@Caedis, @Emberly, @Ayumi, @Spirits, @Taylor, @Taehyung, @Yimu, @Remba.. @Unicorns. @Noxey


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Bears: x

Shooting Star: xxx




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