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About Me

♡ Welcome ♡



- Name: LiLMooMoo                      

- Nicknames: MooMoo ( Taco to my bf also merv) 

- IMVU:LiLMooMoo

- Location: .USA

- Role: buyer

-Dp made by Innocentiyy

♥ Likes

:.Video games, porn, books, plushies, anime old and new

cubs. Netflix, hulu, art, sims, 420 people, xbox,

sign language and braille

✘ Dislikes: rude people,

people that are rude too disabled, blind and none hearing people, DONT FOLLOW ME IF YOU BELIVE THAT SHIT!!!! also don't like rude people or art thieves

♡More About Me♡

Relationship: Married / taken in irl

Married to: iiHarlu on imvu taken by my potato in irl 

Orientation: pansexual 

♡ ♡






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