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❄ Greetings Earthlings ❄ 





Name: Valentine or Alexander
Gender: Alien
Pronouns: He / Him
Age: 24
Birthday: November 14th
Hometown: Somewhere in Uranus

Current location: Argentina
⠀⠀Sign: Scorpio ()

Spoken languages: English, Spanish



I'm bad at everything but I try.

I occasionally draw, I'll be mostly here to sell premades because customs stress me out... 

I'm looking forward to it though.

I'm a noob, don't judge me.




Likes & Dislikes





:nyancat:❤️️: Coffee, books, nature, music,,cats, veganism, drawing,
movies/series/anime, tea, concerts, Pokémon, aliens, art, goats, collectables, cold,

mahjong, foreign languages & cultures, FPS/Horror/RPGs.

:nyantac:✖️️: Bullies, speciesism, humanity, crowds, animal abuse,
stupidity, racism, alcohol, k-pop, heat, MMO/MMORPG, uwu, cheaters, copycats.








Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock/Space Rock, Technical/Melodic Death Metal,
Metalcore/Post-Hardcore, Aggrotech/EBM/Industrial, Black Metal,

Neo-Psychedelia/Synthwave/Synthpop, Indie Rock, Deathgrind and many more.

My Spotify profile.. [open.spotify.com]



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