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If you're here to message me regarding:

  • To lock, delete, move, or clean a shop
  • Ask about events, auctions, giveaways, etc.
  • Report an account or billing issue
  • Inquire about moderator related situations


You are in the wrong place!  If you are experiencing account related issues, including billing, please submit a ticket to the department that best describes your issue.  If you are experiencing an issue with another member, please report their content and the staff team will review the report.  We do not handle issues via PM, and sending a PM in disregard to this warning will cause delays in resolution as you will be instructed to do the following once again.


Any messages sent to me pertaining member relations will be ignored or deleted.  I may not always see your PM, tag, quote, or other type of notification due to the sheer amount that I receive on a daily basis.  Please do not be afraid to nudge me again in a day or two if it seems like I haven't noticed, however, be mindful of how often it is.  Thanks for understanding!



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