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  1. Hey Haveners! We need some feedback on if a feature is needed or not in a marketplace! Please don't be afraid to voice your opinions in a reply here, this marketplace is being built for you guys so we need to know what you do and don't want! I have opted not to place a poll as I really need everyone to read thoroughly before making a decision. We are aware that a large part of the community is accustomed to always having a forum topic associated with their shop/brand. When switching to the marketplace, you will have your own comment section on each listing you create so you can communicate with your current/potential client on a particular item, however, I know this does not leave much room for discussion of more than one thing. There are two ways we can possibly remedy this: Option One Add an option when creating a new listing to allow you to add a link to a "support" topic you've created. You can use this as a global hub of sorts for anyone interested in your listings to provide comments/concerns/feedback that you can customize and update the same way you can today. Option Two Update Groups to allow you to have your own marketplace within. This means you can create public groups that people access freely without joining where you can upload items only purchased via your group, but will display in the main marketplace with other listings. This lets you utilize other group features, such as your own forum section, pages, etc, to build around your "brand" instead of limiting you to one forum topic in the public forums. You are free to make non-public groups and even paid groups going this same route if you want an exclusive marketplace. Option one would be the easiest, but as the person who will be working on this project directly, I'm not really worried about easy. I want to go with the option that will be utilized the most by members. Please let me know which option you would be interested in or if you think neither are needed!
  2. Little note: You guys can make designs for the Holidays, too! My First Entry
  3. I wanted to pin your shop but the custom section is full. I need to order from you again soooooooon. <3
  4. The issue where the option to mark an item as mature would not appear has now been resolved. We are still aware of the issue with members not being able to mark topics as mature and are still working to fix this. If you are wanting to create a mature topic, make sure you message a member of staff asking them to mark your topic as mature before you upload any images that may violate GA guidelines.
  5. Hey Haveners, With a new year comes new updates and additions, and we've been super busy the past few months since releasing our new mature content system. On top of tackling some big and small tasks that have been on our to-do list based on necessity and member suggestions, we've been monitoring the mature system usage closely and working with members during the grace period to iron out kinks, and try to make the line between GA/NSFW content less blurry. We will continue making this our top priority and update our documentation and guidelines as necessary for February and beyond. Here is what's coming for Q1-Q2 of 2020 on Art Haven: Global Marketplace We've started work towards a new global marketplace for Art Haven and are excited to get this ready for member beta testing as soon as possible! The marketplace will allow members to buy/sell/auction digital and physical goods; It will also have many features voted for in the marketplace survey we released last month, including: On-site transaction handling, wishlists/collections, a dispute center, etc. We unfortunately don't have a lot to show for this right now, but we hope to be able to give more information and visuals on the marketplace the closer we are to beta release! AH Greeters Program We will have a new member program coming this year called the AH Greeters, members who proactively provide assistance within the community, especially to those new to our platform. Entry to this program is based on your personal activity and will not require an application. Those in the greeter program will also become moderators in our Discord server. More information about this will be available when the program is officially launched. No Ads We started experimenting with third party ads around the bottom half of 2019, and after analyzing the data from the tests, we've decided to keep our ad space reserved for in-house ads (ads purchased by members of our community for their own personal advertising) to all registered members, free or Elite. This decision is based on the cons of third-party advertising drastically outweighing the pros and not being beneficial to our community at this time. Academy Houses Rework Based on suggestions and observations made during the first official year of houses, we will be taking all feedback collected and using that to do an overhaul and improve the way houses work. We appreciate everyone who participated in the first year and hope to continually improve this website-wide event to make it better each year. We do not currently have an ETA on when this overhaul will be complete. Gallery Updates Image scaling has been improved to make better use of negative space. This means larger images will be shown at a bigger size to utilize all empty space (black areas around the image) and have more detail shown. Example of the improvement below. Before After The box that normally pops up when a gallery image is clicked will no longer pop up while viewing images within the gallery itself. Normally, when you clicked on any image uploaded in the gallery, it would send you to the image page while also forcing the lightbox(popup) with the same image details to pop up as well. This not only was inconvenient, it was also unnecessary as it slowed down loading speeds attempting to load the same information twice. Now when clicking on an image within the gallery, you will only be sent to the image page itself. It will still pop up when clicking on an image linked outside of the gallery, such as in a forum post, to give you quick access to the photo details without changing the page. Continuing with the change above, the lightbox(popup) will also be disabled when a user clicks on the direct link to an image. Again, the image page itself will already load, so having the lightbox load on top of that is redundant. Lastly, the "View Full Image" link now actually sends you to the full sized image and not a sized down thumbnail. Dashboard & Website Updates We will be making further improvements to the Dashboard to make it more clear to new members on what is available here on Art Haven. This will coincide with website based improvements added as we work on the new marketplace. Features not used often will be removed, our most popular features will be easily accessible, and other improvements. These changes will come throughout the year and will not take place all at once. Miscellaneous New art based challenges will be added for members to participate in. A dedicated help page will be released. Instant chat support will be coming to Elite members. Wiki articles are being updated to reflect current practices. A help button was added to the mobile menu next to the notifications and inbox buttons.
  6. Could you upload the image to another website and provide a non-embedded link here? I won't be able to help much without having the file causing the issue. Thanks!
  7. I feel sorry for whoever gets matched with me. All I talk about is work and gaming.
  8. Quick Update: We've donated the last $305 to one of the Australia Zoo's conservations. They're building water drinking stations for animals in areas effected by both the fires and the drought. https://www.gofundme.com/f/wuzrz-water-for-wildlife
  9. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE CHARITY RAFFLES The official total raised is $1220! This is the total of what's left after PayPal's transaction and currency conversion fees, with an extra personal donation by myself to raise it up a bit so we could donate the same amount to each charity/fund! The entire staff team would like to thank everyone involved for their charitable contributions which helped make this happen. We have made the initial donations to the Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, and Fire Relief Fund for First Nations of $305 each/$915 total so far and are looking into local animal related organizations that are still looking for help via gofundme for the last $305!! We had a few picked out, but it seems they have met and surpassed their goals already and are no longer listed. We'll let you guys know which one we give to once it's decided! I also personally apologize for the delay in badge granting. I had a family medical emergency and then a personal emergency come up right after that and wasn't able to sit down and make a proper grant list. @Lineara will be helping me with the final details now that the raffles are over. All art based prize winners have been messaged alongside the contributing artist, so please check your inboxes if you haven't already if you won an art prize! Those who won a prize in the misc. raffle will be contacted shortly after this post. If you run into any issues, PLEASE contact the person who sent you the initial prize winner message! This will allow us to help you more efficiently than contacting a staff member who may not be entirely up to speed on your prize situation.
  10. I am SO HAPPY you love it! As for the skin irritation, make sure you're not putting too mush pressure on the soap and see if that helps any! The exfoliation is a bit coarser to help with the areas on your body that need a little extra scrubbing to get rid of all the dead skin and smooth out, so please be careful around sensitive areas and wash with a gentle hand for the most part. Follow up with your normal skincare and make sure to avoid over exfoliating as well! You only need to use this 1-2 times a week at the most.
  11. I also wanted to make a quick note here: Since it's been nearly 8 months since the last time we had moderator applications, we'll be going through and making sure all of our training material is up-to-date after all of the changes in the past few months. I don't expect there to be any delay in contacting chosen applicants, but just thought I'd put this here just in case. :)

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