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  1. DP 160x220 Style Pixel Text:Keiti Text Color: neon green Water Mark Text:Katie Paypal e-mail:[email protected] Please specify here (reference) https://toyhou.se/6128423.jezebel Color ( hair/skin/eyes/makeup/accesories) look to refs Background https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/704131479717806123/715752754186027068/b87cdd4a18b3196ecbd1bd5bd6a77bee.png something close to this Extra (gif/pet) moving scissors Total$10
  2. Owner:Keiti Animal:Fox Additional Traits:none References/Description:pastel pink/orange eyes, mint green hair fair, pale skin aesthetic I'm going for is Fairykei heres a mood board for ideas Additional Outfits:no Price:$5
  3. https://gyazo.com/886c05f07eb9a5fce63d0e1e5a9e319d sent♥
  4. ♡ Text (optional for DP):Keiti ♡ Watermark:Katie ♡ Solo/Couple:solo ♡ References ( please include pose reference otherwise I will come up with one myself to best fit the character): ♡ Animations:no ♡ Colour(yes/no):yes ♡ DP crop (yes/no):yes ♡ Background idea/colour/anything else you want me to add:something like this ♡ Price ( please, if you tip do add it as a + , just so i can confirm the original price! ♡):$8.80 ♡ Email (here or on private):[email protected] ♡ Anything else you want to add (optional)
  5. oop I just saw custom were closed x.x
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