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Hello. My name is Haunter (Like the pokemon) I am an LGBTQ+ advocate and aspiring lawyer.  I spend most of my time in the NYC art scene with museum curators and changing the influences of globalization and art study. It's really textbook art history stuff mixed with many justice issues with community organization in mind. I work with some documentaries and  fashion lines in my free time and use my art to help create resources for newly transitioning college students in specialty cohorts. Most of my artistic "Talent" goes to my law and ethics writing with focuses on art history so I rarely have time to draw. I like the idea of story-boarding, animation and cartoons a lot so it's what I focus on. I'm 24 years old, genderfluid and I can be really awkward with new people because that's how socializing is right? I love seeing people happy with my art and that's all I ever ask.


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