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  1. Accepted! $50 after sketch approval.
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    Commission for @Raskal
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  6. https://paypal.me/jinvixdesigns?locale.x=en_US
  7. To everyone on my waitlist and regular Slots.... Another Bribe has been bought, so again regular orders are on hold. Since its being used so much... i upped the bribe price to $50.

  8. Accepted! Hips and up $60 + bribe $30 + blinking $5 = $95 after sketch approval
  9. @moodyser @Raskal @BearIronhide All your orders are now back on track! Bribe order has been finished.
  10. As of recently, Art Haven has made some adjustments to their moderator titles. They have removed moderators for specific sections of the website, and instead split them into Forum Moderators and Site Moderators. While the overall titles have changed, the general duties have remained the same. CHRISTMAS MOVIE NIGHT Thank you to everyone who attended Art Haven’s Christmas Movie Night!! We had a blast hosting and streaming our favorite movies for you! For those of you who participated and wanted to receive the
  11. Thank you! How’s this? I’ll add the tats at the end..And here’s my PayPal... https://paypal.me/jinvixdesigns?locale.x=en_US
  12. @Raskal here’s the sketch.... can I get a better picture of his chest tats?
  13. @moodyser @BearIronhide @Raskal i have had someone purchase the bribe slot... which pushes them ahead of the line and priority. Moodyser, I have started to paint yours.... Bearlronhide, yours was next to be painted....... Raskal, I already started your sketch so I’ll finish that and send it to you. All other progress will be paused till the bribe has been finished. (I usually work on them all at once when there’s not a bribe.) reminder for those on the waitlist also... bribes are 30 extra ontop your order price to be able to jump ahead.

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