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Hi! Hello! 

I'm Mirian - or just miri for short //waves 

I'm a 25-year-old struggling adult who is in love with art,

A native Spanish speaker wanting to learn a million languages (but also very lazy),

And a self-taught digital artist since 2014 who, for personal reasons, is no longer creating.



Aside from art, I'm also really into:

Plants , Animals , Mugs (yes, I love collecting mugs)

Hiking , Kpop/Kdramas , Anime/Manga , Tea & Coffee

Interior Design , Museums , Video Games



I don't really dislike a lot of things.

Just your usual assholes who seem to want to make the world a horrible place to live in.

Also spiders. I hate spiders.




You can find me on:

IMVU: princu

Discord: miri#6746

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