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  1. I did a speed draw of this bb because I was proud of it. Commission belongs to [email protected]AH.

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    1334685796_untitled_artwork_9(1).png.4ae18b62adc4579ea431fefdfa734363.png 1991342762_Vee320x440.gif.1d7bd38f31b5fc139e02741c53e365e2.gif



  2. I recently made a discord for my art! Feel free to keep up to date with my art journey, here:


    Happy I Love You GIF by pikaole

  3. @penguwun and I collabed on a Spring Bun Adoptable! It is currently up for auction here on AH:keyes::klovee:




    More progress! 


  5. I don't really do anime style art...and I haven't drawn anything other than a chibi since January so I am pretty rusty. I also always do my art in CSP and have been for some time now. I wanted to play around with procreate a little more as I have taken a break from commissions and wanted to honestly just sit down and draw. It isn't the best and I honestly feel like I am not the most consistent artist as I am still developing my style and figuring out what I like to use and do in my process. I feel like my art journey has been a lot of peaks and valleys, sometimes I feel like my art is getting worse, other times I feel like it is getting better. 


    This isn't the best but for an 8AM warmup doodle I think it's kind of cute. I wasn't really familiar with the brushes so I started with a sketch, tried out the lineart brush, hated it, and went back to playing with the sketch. :bfsweat: I also forgot to draw a nose so peep 10 seconds of me redoing different types of noses lmao. Happy Monday everyone! 





    1. Lee

      Even if it doesn't feel like it, you have come so far. I remember when you bought your first drawing tablet in highschool and just started digital art. You have progressed so much from then. I am so proud and excited to see how you progress in the future. 

    2. Han

      Bestie ily

  6. Doing some lineart studies today to try and improve my linework! :klovee:

  7. I should be working on orders this afternoon/evening once I get home! I apologize for the delay traveling was an extreme hassle! :klove:

  8. Just an updoot that I am traveling all day so probably will not be alive until tomorrow! Happy Friyay! :klove:

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