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Art by @Puppuccino

Welcome to my profile! Please do not use any art found here!


Name: Han

Age: 22

Discord: Han#0002

Timezone: GMT-5/-4

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Food: Soup Dumplings

Favorite Drink: Taro Milk-tea


Chan ❤️ Han


Just me and my Nilla Bear -- 6-13-19

HANANDCHAN.png.6ce6827b1d7d1d8813e0174e294ba4ec.png 994408509_Riniyu@AH(2).png.937f343e4f1ddb25329d40f56d4e59bc.png han.png.60145645e31d81176322ad368f854ecd.png.c48823c800a64f40a3bdacab1a6c8413.png HanB.png.e04fae0b3b2d3d1d238339f6fb4aa0c8.png.07d8c69145341ba22040f8e3b0e59664.png

Art by @Vee, @Riniyu , @Mimi , and @Ephemera


Bestie  ❤️ @Lee

leegif.gif.dc6cf31739c2e5c01a8e24744029e25b.gif.852c1f7ebf34315c03683fe4279cfcf6.gif HANLEE.png.d61d818cdf051cd86458d9f6df8687ed.png

Art by @Dragon and @Vee



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