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  1. More wip progress @Drexiy
  2. I am reopening this as I rework my commissions! Feel free to post forms babes!
  3. Han

    commission for han!

    Still so star struck with this piece. I cannot thank you enough.
  4. @Drexiy Lined chibi and a doodle in my other style (which I am considering relining cause I made the lineart too thick x.x) They should be done today! I apologize for the wait!!
  5. Ooh, I like the change of expression Idea! Would it be possible to have her holding the sloth plush? I think that could be really cute with the pose you did!
  6. Perfect ahh omg my avocado and sloth I am so in loveeee. Feel free to invoice me bb!
  7. PYOC I made for the magical themed auction in the Moondust Server!

    © Han @ AH

  8. Claim! @Jack wippy
  9. Han


    Gorgeous, I love your style!

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