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  1. crybaby wips~ slots are still open for just under a week <3
  2. your ocs are so cute! I love the first one especially~ <3 my customs shop is here, and my semicustoms are here! my style is mostly anime, but I do chibi semicustoms from time to time~ custom art starts at $25, while the semicustoms vary a bit more (usually start at around $20) example in the spoiler!
  3. commission for tsuki @ discord~ I really enjoyed drawing their character! oni girl supremacy
  4. a ych idea I've had in mind for a little while! $22 // blinking included // 320x440px & 160x220px // deco is customisable! full info is in my semicustoms shop if interested!
  5. "deco polaroid" is now available! I've had this idea in my head for too long tbh, I hope you guys like it! $22, includes blinking, deco is customisable!
  6. arthaven being Rood and not letting me react but I LOVE THEM SM bless
  7. Text: Rini Watermark: lotus References/Screenies: Facial Expression: artist's choice Pose: artists's choice Background: artist's choice Animations: blink Extras/Additional Information: her pupils are white and + shaped! Paypal for Invoice: n/a, raffle prize <3 Total: thank you again bb!! smooch
  8. cleaned up! and a preview of a new ych just posted in my discord, I'll release it here tomorrow <3
  9. omg, so cute! I'll def be back when I have some extra cash, good luck!! <3
  10. large art wip for tsuki @ discord! I've also now added small art options!
  11. freebie for cici~ was a smol giveaway in my discord server <3
  12. two new single-slot ychs for summer <3 they're $45each and include some animations~ full info can be found in my ychs/semicustoms thread
  13. summer onee-san & summer imouto ychs/semicustoms are now available <3 note: "floaty pixel" and "sakura season" will be discontinued soon. temporarily allowing holds of up to one week on them (you'll be invoiced upfront, and have a week to pay)
  14. some recent dp sized pieces (albeit very lazy ones LOL) I think I'll be adding small sizes to my shop soon~ (self harm/injury ver of the first dp under the spoiler)
  15. !self harm/injury version! lazy small art practice, I think I'll be adding this size to my shop soon~
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  16. lazy small art practice, I think I'll be adding this size to my shop soon~
  17. reopen: "crybaby" this won the popular vote in my discord, so I'll be taking new slots for two weeks! <3
  18. this ych won the popular vote in my discord, so I'll be accepting new slots for two weeks~ the base price is $25, check my ychs thread for full info!
  19. "sakura season" completed for fiyaline @ th <3 file is way too fat for ah upload sksksks
  20. lotusillustration


    I love this smm
  21. practicing small art some more~

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