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    Addicted with JJBA, LOL.
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  1. Currently I'm also active on IG, posting my JJBA inktober, LoL.

    :bfpervyflirt: well, I'm addicted with JJBA, so... hehehe.

  2. Commission for @parvus & Whitjasmin Thank you !
  3. @Kabutops Welcome back! And its accepted, but you need to wait a bit longer bcs I still have some orders to do, is that okay?
  4. Best Mother, LOL I love him, duh... Recently addicted with JJBA so badly. Can't be helped, looll
  5. @parvus Accepted , pls wait for the sketch and if you have discord pls add me Kaiseki#6597 The total price is 213k , tip not icluded.
  6. @parvus Yep I have open slots ! @donny_boi19 Yeah sure it's Kaiseki#6597
  7. Does anyone love JJBA? This Mista boi just too cute
  8. @Yoisho Sureee, and it's accepted. Please wait for the sketch, if you have discord, please add mine Kaiseki#6597

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