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  1. ahhhh I love it. Thank you so much ☺️
  2. No worries hun, you come first I love it so far and no changes :)
  3. every time I look in here, you’ve improved so much!!
  4. Paid hun! I love it so far! and I paid all of it, hopefully that’s okay
  5. Yes! And the price Sounds good to me :-)
  6. Painted or Hatched: Painted Drawing size: Bust Canvas size: 160x220 Character references/description: Alex (left) Moses (right) Pose: https://sta.sh/046aay9foe8 Background: Something simple, whatever you think looks best! Text, if any: One with Puts (Left) and Vados (Right) and One with Alex Moses Extra references/description: I’d like their eyes to be open in the pose and I’ll let you pick the expression for her :) PayPal email: [email protected]
  7. Sounds good to me and no problem hun! Tyt :) and I’ll be using PayPal!
  8. Pose: In Moses stash OC: Moses Alex Text: Moses Alex and one with Vados Puts Extra/animations: Blink for both and smirk on Moses Price: let me know! Angle: Waist up! semi realistic too please!
  9. Puts

    NerdHeardy (DP)

  10. Puts

    NerdHeardy (DP)

  11. Oh my its so pretty thank you!!
  12. Puts

    Noodle's Art Shop

    Yessss shes hot thank you!!
  13. Puts

    Noodle's Art Shop

    If it’s possible, can you put his thumb like more onto her cheek? And paid! 😍
  14. oh my goodness I’m excited!!
  15. Puts

    Noodle's Art Shop

    Oooo I love!
  16. Spent proof of payments in pm
  17. Okay sounds good to me then :D
  18. Yep that’s okay hun! Would it cost extra to add to add a tongue ring to the guy? Or do you not offer addition in the sketches?
  19. ○Sketch : #83 ○Colors(skin/eyes/hair/clothes/accessories/etc): Id like for them both to be pale. Female: bleach blonde (80s color) hair. Brownish green eyes (more in the brown side) Silver septum. And black makeup (and black lipstick). Like dusty looking and really light (including the wings) with dramatic liner and lashes Male: Dark black hair. Brown eyes and black nails! His lips can be normal lip tone! Add a silver tongue ring to him! ○Background: I’ll leave this up to you! ○Animations: blinking for them both! ○Watermark text: if you do more than one text Alex Moses and Puts Vados (if not I’ll take Alex Moses for watermark and text) ○Text & Color: ^ same as here and I’ll leave color up to you! ○Bribe: yes ○PayPal e-mail: [email protected] ○Total: please let me know!
  20. Oh my god!!!! So cute 😍😍😍 Payment sent!
  21. Oh my gosh I love her 😍😍😍 thank you so much!!

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