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- Name: Ângela

- Nicknames: Angie / Angel

- IMVU: Tilt / HystericaI / Adorely

- Location: Portugal


♥ Likes:: Dark themes, Cute themes , Metal 

Gore , Horror , Goth Fashion , Ghosts , Knives

Sushi , Pasta , Anime , Cosplay . . .


✘ Dislikes: Lies , Fake people , Drama , Beans . . .




D : The Shadows Smile by AngelicHellraiser


There's not much to know about me

 I'm just that normal girl that loves wasting money on art and messing around with make up and cosplay! I also do alternative and fantasy modeling!

If you want to get to know me and be friends don't be afraid to send me a message! 

I have discord so if you want to add me there or on IMVU  don't be afraid to ask me about it


Red Roses Divider by ThisPoisonedOne


Extra Facts: I'm a brat, 50% annoying 50% clingy , approach at your own risk




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