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  1. so tempted to get blush aaa
  2. I have too much fun editing things I swear

    dp1.gif.ec1209b7fc9e79d7b3f75c701dc3501b.gif  edited.thumb.png.86a403b84fc15ee77d72b12c6d47ddff.png

    1. LiLMooMoo


      Very beautiful :) 

    2. Sereani


      This is stunning! 

  3. Tilt

    IRL Photos

    turned myself into a dp uwu
  4. Tilt


    This is so good omg
  5. I'm in need of some goth grills with bangs
  6. If i lose another dark themed one imma cry, legit camping this
  7. fukkk i wanted jenny so much >:C
  8. Tilt

    IRL Photos

    Posting twice in a row feels weird but I needed to share a picture where I didn't look dead inside lmao
  9. I need more friends on discord uwu

    Add me there!   



    happy laugh GIF by Cartoon Hangover

  10. Tilt

    IRL Photos

    sharing my depresso self
  11. here you go love! @Aphrodite and thank you so much aaa
  12. ♔ Premade: Mandy Text: Tilt Watermark: (Not Optional) Tilt Price: 14$
  13. A lot of stuff happened today, and for once in my life, I finally feel happy with myself and freed of all the negative energy I had in me 💙 Damn, accepting your flaws and focusing on positivity and good thoughts really makes a difference, have a puppy! 



  14. I am honestly so freaking done with everything.


    Friends that were never friends,

    Positivity that was fake all along,

    People pretending to help and only doing worse;


    Why would you tell someone you'll help them and them only use negative ideas so they get scared and end up agreeing with you?

    Just why man? If you like someone you're not supposed to ruin stuff for them just because you "want" them ??

    Can you even call yourself a friend if you do stuff that makes your friends miserable? And then go ahead and blame them for not using their brain?

    When all they did was blindly trust your accusations and ideas?


    Please.  Why are people like this? I'll never understand.


    Maybe I can't have friends.



    1. EmiSArakan


      Are you alright love?  Sorry that you have to go through something like that.. 

    2. Tilt


      @EmiSArakan I'm just so hurt right now, I don't know who to trust , I don't know what to do, I feel everything that is happening is my fault for believing stuff I shouldn't have.. damn. it sucks

    3. EmiSArakan


      @Tilt Nothing is considered your fault love. It happens to most of us. Sometimes you trust someone because of who they are. But when circumstances appears,  they show their color.  That's how humans are.  Don't not trust people just because this happen. There're a lot of good people out there.  It just takes time ^^ 

  15. Tilt

    POLLUX | [1 of 8]

    Omgg I love it!! Could you just make the background something more bright/fairy-tale like? Besides that everything is perfect
  16. Tilt

    POLLUX | [1 of 8]

    Absolutely perfect! Payment sent! :Edit: actually it didn't work xd pls try sending me a invoice hun
  17. Tilt

    POLLUX | [1 of 8]

    @Y0UI Yayy! much excitement ; Can't wait!
  18. guys I was wondering If I should make my angel self set an OC ? what do you think? ;_;"

    Image may contain: one or more people

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    2. Humain
    3. Tilt


      @TheElf @Humain thanks babes! reading that made my day uwu

    4. TheElf


      Yay, I'm happy it did:blush:

  19. Tilt

    POLLUX | [1 of 8]

    FORM FOR (Bust up, or Half body, or Full body) : Full body --------------------------------------- REFERENCE: click FACE TYPE (Cute or Mature): Mature (maybe a mix of both? idk LMAO) EXPRESSION: honestly, up to you BACKGROUND: also up to you (maybe somewhere that looks pure / innocent , fantasy like ewe) ANIMATION: blinking (tell me what u feel like would look good and let me know the price <3) PRICE: $90 (lmk if its more due to animations and background) NOTE: i couldnt come up with any a accessories to add so ill also leave that up to you vwv (also can i get the dp version with tilt written and the bigger vers with Adoraly? thanks!) ---------------------------------------
  20. Art and couple Goals..


    Imagem relacionada

    1. Luxor

      ♔ Luxor

      !!!! ZIPCY!!! I love their artwork, its always hella intimate :lazecry:

    2. Tilt


      RIGHT?! It makes me feel so sad for being single LMAO

  21. Tilt


    how are you so good omg
  22. I can't sleep 


    1. Sublime


      Sleep is for the weak:lazesm:

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