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      오  류       C U S T O M S  P R E M A D E S
    Λ Α Θ Ο Σ       △ ISOW  △ REAPER △ HURT  △ BOOPED
      E R R E U R     △ PEY  △ FANGED △ CYMETTE[2]
    F E H L E R מְ שׁ וּ גָ ה        
        故  障        
  S T T U S |  ⦿          
Hello▁ T I M E Z O N E     H   E   L   L  
  ▁welcome to my profile. ▍▕

▁Biographies are not at the forefront of my proficiency, so do excuse the lack of content.






ENTJ | CHAOTIC NEUTRAL C  ▲  I  N       C  O  N  T  △  C  T  C r o w # 6 6 6 6

F      A      Q


▲  When are you posting premades?

△  Never.


▲  Are your customs open?

△  Not at the moment.


▲  How can I join your server?

△  Ask me for an invite!


▲  Who are you dating?

△  Your mum.


▲  Are you really Lord Voldemort?

△  Yes.


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