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Monster sheets 

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The Collective Server  


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Click on them follow me through social medias to get the latest 

perks on what I've been working on 








- You can check order progress here ,  I work according to order when theyre claimed 

- Keep it cool ,  I may take some time to reply to msg / texts 

- Utilize my shop , especially when placing an order so  I wont miss out anything 

- If youre ordering from ArtHaven , keep it within this site. It would be much easier to check back - forth on it 

- Be patient , I cannot stress this enough 

- 1st Name Change is free , after that going to cost 5 USD per set pngwave.png

- I am now opening Custom slot in The Collective server ; in my channel pngwave.png








HOW THINGS WORK                                                                                                         






All of orders in this section will be given 3 WIPS, and this is general rules to

each custom orders  


    3 WIPS

1st - Rough sketch picturing the whole drawing ( changes / alteration is possible ) 

    2nd - Half rendered ( minor changes / alteration ) 

    3rd - 80% almost done render , usually before animating ( no changes ) 

-I will require you to respond to each of WIP showed in shop( yes i'd tage your username ) 

so I can continue working on it 




- Place your order > order will be reviewed ( price estimation ) > price quoted > order accepted 




-100% recommended if you're nitpicky  and specific  , but make sure every details and changes be made are during sketch


- I might take some time reviewing your order as to determine the reasonable price and to imagine the whole picture of the drawing / order





( order and updates  in shop ) - sold in Main Custom shop ; Obscure 




(order and updates   via PM )


- Available for couple / single 

- Also can come with NSFW + SFW ( which would an additional ) 



(order and updates   via PM )




 ( order and updates  in shop ) - sold in sub-custom shop ; usually an experiment ones 








( any premades  ) - sold in Premade shop , alpha


-There isnt going to be any step by step update for premades , 

-It is what it is , you can only ask for changes within the form




( customized couple / ych premade ) - sold in Premade shop ; alpha 


This section is new . i am still experimenting on how to execute things efficiently 


There isnt going to be extra privileges like custom order , as I gave you freedom to modify it according to your character but i might have different insights on how to get certain things done ( ofc id consider every aspect which might be appropriate with your order ) 


Starting from now, I will give 1 wip update ( might be via inbox or in shop ) depends on how things goes . But it might change in future 







 Got another requests for certain type of arts? PM me :thumbsup: I got you 




  Commissions list 

Progress :  

Sketching  ( S ) 

Rendering  ( R ) 

Animating ( A ) 

Upcoming next (  NEXT  ) 

In queue (  Q  ) 


Green : Paid                |           Blue Invoice sent        |        Yellow Pending invoice 







- vc3batch15f16                                                             (  R  ) 

- vc3batch15f15 f16                                                      (  R  ) 





Here's a screenshot of current orders in working on ( sorted from top left ) . If you dont see your premade listed here , no worries  i have the list on and actually going through it. i just havent got the time to update here 




( note : paid ) 










- Purs                                                        ( R )  second wip will be posted in Shop soon 

- Cheelu                                                    ( S )  phase 1 







  Upcoming plans 


Developing and experimenting new styles 

Opening up misc shop 

organizing stuff fr 





Listening to


Show some love and support them ! 


 Q & A  





1 ) Wheres my order? What number am i now ? Hows the progress? 

I keep in check with every single premade / custom / request . Do check them on my profile ( About me tab ) on further details or you can join my discord server



2) Why did you take so long to reply ? Thought i was skipped or ignored

 literally here and there . Ill get down to it one by one , as much as time allows me to. Never meant to ignore yall 


3) Whys my custom order was declined?

 this is rare occassion , i usually sits awhile before making my decision in doing so cs i just love making yall something. Possible reason would be, i have no interest and cant picture the whole drawing onto becoming an inspiration for further progress . Thatd be on solid NO square themes ( basically asking me to draw fetishes / prxn which has no aesthetic values at all ) 


4) Name change ?

First time would be free , next and upfront will be charged 2 usd. Why? Cause i usually give lotsa versions , including still and animated images 


5) Discord server ? What even

As deadly as it can get lolol but i usually post my work in progress and finished drawings there so you guys can see what im up to. NO it doesnt mean yall can customize / alter your claimed premade as i progress . I just cant  afford updating on this site sometimes due to being busy.So fastest way would be discord .  It be like that 



6) Altering / Fixing after Drawings ( premades / custom ) done ? 

would love to do so BUT TIME. cant afford this neither 



7) You liked my post , but doesnt reply nor say anything 



6) Non watermark drawings? 

Ops, no square. As to protect my copyrights 







Thats all for now , if anything you guys can drop in some comments in the link down below 





R.i.p Zulu 

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