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Heyo, my name is Anne and you can call me Anne (or Unarm since it's cute)! I’m 20 years old and a Leo. I study law at the moment and I’m Indian, though I’ve lived in the UK ever since I was three. My favourite colour is orange. My favourite animals are pandas and rabbits (and horses, seahorses, axolotls, hedgehogs, dogs and cats). I love art (who would have guessed such a thing honestly). I’m a very new badger and creator on IMVU and you can find my products right here. I love to collect postcards, write letters and poems. I like the beach and collecting seashells. Okay, I like collecting a lot of stuff, like badges and stamps and the works. I love my friends and hanging out with them, I do most of it on Discord in different servers currently. I’m quite friendly, so you’re always welcome to message me whenever you need or want to! Come be mean to me here!

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