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  1. @darksalad I don't know if it's the watermark, but any chance his hair color could just be a tad bit lighter? Other than that, it's perfect! Sorry, I hadn't been checking GASR lately. Payment sent! EDIT: I just realized my mistake. I didn't send it as paying for goods/services. I'm sorryyy
  2. @darksalad I'm sorry if that's so many changes.
  3. @darksalad Hi there. I'm not sure if you've already started my order, but if not, I was wondering if I could change the male ref completely. I originally ordered this for something else, but that didn't go through. Please let me know so I can edit it. :) Thank you.
  4. @darksalad Thank you for accepting~ I'm so excited If you could just make them something like this for the pose I'd greatly appreciate it. And together for text. Ivanna & Kenny. :) thank you so muchhh
  5. @darksalad ✧・゚: *:・゚✧ TEXT: Ivanna & Kenny TYPE OF ORDER: Full Body Couple REFERENCES: Girl - Hairstyle/Color | Eye Color: Dark Brown | outfit | Guy - Hair Color/ Eye Color: Blue | outfit (except a gray tee instead of black) | could you make him blush? Sorry if the guy references are vague I'm trying to ref my bf but he hates having photos taken of himself so I don't have much. He's always wearing a hat, so if you can do that, it'd be great but not necessary. (example|example2) His hair is normally just kinda long and messy (kinda like this) NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: 2 BACKGROUND (Y/N): I'd prefer just a plain white background, if that's okay Pose: something like this w the same expressions if possible PRICE: $20 (full color) + $5 couple add-on + $4 bribe = $29 (lmk if this is correct) :)

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