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Status Updates posted by KirsChie

  1. please notice my couple oc/ref in all free art thread i really need couple dp :aww:

    1. Alismora

      ♔ Alismora

      If you really need a piece of art, I would suggest commissioning an artist and paying them for one.

      It’s really offensive to constantly ask artists to make you something for free when artists put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the creations they make, not to mention the months/years/decades they’ve invested in learning their skills. 

  2. 596265324777832449.gif?v=1


    cutest gif emo ever 

  3. im been kpop fan since 2009


    i love 3rd gen groups


    but i miss 2nd gen groups like wonder girls 2pm 2ne1 girls generation 4minute and all whos feeling this

    1. food


      2ne1 :((((((
      but Bom and Sandara just made a song together. But I miss the whole group, it really took a toll on CL

    2. KirsChie


      yeah i miss them too as group :(

  4. hello xD im your fan of your badges in imvu i tried to add you XD

    and fan of spyro too

  5. i have insecurities to myself like im not pretty and no one will like me 

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    2. KirsChie


      This is i needed at the moment :( thank you

    3. Mya


      Honestly I feel the same way all the time. Just know that you're beautiful in your own way. You're different and unique!! Please don't let anyone tell you different girl. BE YOU! 

      virtual hug love GIF

    4. KirsChie


      thank you @Mya i really need this a encouragement strenght 

  6. why i cant find any GRAND AUTO THEFT V BADGE thats not in ap i saw one buts he's ap T.T im not ap in imvu huhuhu:lazetears::lazerollcry::icry: hope someone has it


    im currently addicted to GTA V 

  7. fixing  again my profile in gasr fixing it more later on xD


    have a nice day to all

  8. youre only 17? im shookt you have many lots of money wallet buying art im amaze :O :ohmyahags:

    1. TKO


      I've saved up a lot since 14 from working, I have some money to splurge on :kcheeks:

  9. its 12am in taiwan/philippines 

    august 12 


    it means



    to fake friends/people OPPS YOURE NOT INVITED LOL

  10. its my birthday tomorrow ...

    august babies we rock


  11. moving pictures hello GIF

    your dps are soo daring x) and im curious haha and ocs too just lurk all the users here in gasr and imvu 

  12. please support my friend @Quiho she's great dp artist too she's open for comissions just pm her and contact her :phearteyes::lazedances::klovee:

  13. finally in gasr <3

  14. #PrayForHongKong :lazetears::lazerollcry::icry:


  15. i want couple dp fanart of inori x shu of guilty crown :phearteyes:

  16. :(



    animators are artist too :(

    rip who people who died ;(

  17. wew i fix my new profile lol

    have a great day to all

  18. i just realize that cheesy cheese i supported change name in gasr and thats why i cant find and tag cheese because

    @Taylor is cheese i was like:ihide::bfahh:



  19. can somebody hold me hug me talk to me .... i feel negative hopeless again


    i dream last night that says im alone i dont have friends :(

  20. i just want a  korean drama and mv marathon event on GASR and have kpop badge :ooohyas::lazedances:

  21. peeking KPOP friends here 


  22. I just wish people wont bully anymore it cause depression to the people who bullied

  23. when my crush likes my post i posted about ramen his favoritehappy toddlers and tiaras GIF



    Me:in new homepage and dashboard #Confused

    confused d&d GIF



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