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  1. Lineara

    Giveaway Piece

    Piece finished for my October giveaway winner
  2. Finally put this claimable adopt bundle up for grabs in my shop :pthumbsup:

    Color changes and addition/removal of accessories are allowed!



  3. The adoptable bundle I've been working on is now up to claim! I decided to post it as a WIP still without the finished colored version of the large art just in case someone wants any kind of color changes done to the character I hope you guys like her
  4. Yeah, sorry that one has been sold as stated above the image! If there is no "Sold to x" above the image then it hasn't been sold.
  5. ☃ I'd like to be a part of Art Haven's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: What will you be making?: Drawing I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Lineara References (or screenies): xxx Extra Details: Feel free to design your own version of her outfit!
  6. Update on character art for you guysssss. I may put her up to claim early before this is completed! Possibly in a day or two Click to view it larger aaaand close up of the facial details so far
  7. The 3 remaining premades up from my last batch have all been decreased to $20 each! I would like to sell these before I work on more batches in the future
  8. LOL I'm leaving the back side view as flat colors. The front view will always be fully colored and I'll most likely always do back view as flat colored.
  9. Something I'll be posting in my premade shop in the future. She will be part of a bundle that comes with this character sheet and a larger piece of art of her Will definitely be doing more bundles in the future, I'm just starting off with these!
  10. Character design that will be available up in my shop soon that will also include a fully rendered piece of her as a bundle :lazeshydance:conceptcharacter.png


    Click to view the full size.


    1. Xunjo


      She is amazing! So excited to see how she turns out and have a shot at purchasing such a pretty character :aww:

    2. Lineara


      Thank you!!! I'm super excited to work on the larger piece of her in an environment since it'll be something that I've always wanted to do but never had a chance to actually complete one like this 


    3. Pey


      damn girl

  11. @Velllocet is the winner of the giveaway! Congrats Whenever you're ready to you can pm me a form or what you'd like for the custom bust drawing you've won Thanks to all who have entered, I'll definitely be doing more in the future
  12. Got about a day left to join in on the giveaway! React to the post with the giveaway token if you want to enter
  13. Thank you! I hope it's okay I get it to you tomorrow when I get home from work since I'm in bed already

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