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  1. Post Partum Depression has hit me so hard, and the worst part of it has been letting go of my passions (mainly art). It's also hard to stick with my art when I am constantly comparing my work to other artists'. That being said, if I don't practice, I'll never get better. Here's to hoping that I can put all the negative thoughts behind me and get back to doing what I love. 




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    2. Roza

      Ahh thank u love 💕 well, I’m struggling as most people are.. but things are starting to get better, finally :D

      if u need support or anything.. just ask! I’ll be happy to help :lazierblush:

    3. Careworn

      You’re welcome, and thank you! I will definitely take you up on that. I hope that you will come to me too if you need it, I’m always here to talk and be a friend. ❤️ @Roza

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