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  1. PREMADE NAME: Mine MAIN TEXT: Jess/Ray WATERMARK: [email protected] and [email protected] IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : Yes PRICE: $320
  2. Mark me down for your next list bb
  3. Bb! you should do some gore like Christmas Premades... like a krampus theme
  4. Bb you always come through ! Another great piece of art!
  5. CuddleBunny

    mice mice

    I love mice! That’s adorable!
  6. Oooo ... bb ! Your art so cute !
  7. Ok! I be lurking ! @Sorciere thanks !
  8. Please make more babes with purple latex clothes and black hair! I can’t wait to get art from you! they be gone so fast !
  9. Arising from the dead Hey bb! ( lurking )

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