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  1. I'm selling: DP Crops Preview: [removed by moderator] Price: $6.00 paypal 10k Credits Status: Available
  2. I'm selling: Premade 01& 02 comes in 160x220 Preview: Price: $6 via Paypal or 10k to [email protected] Status: Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes
  3. ILOVEHER! Thank you so much, love! As for the late reply post, it's totally okay lol.
  4. text: Sippys oc, ref, screenie: x drawing style: 2 pose: You can choose♥ music: X extra: Artistic Freedom! Thank you for considering!
  5. Form Text: Sippys Oc/refs: X extra: Artistic Freedom, Thank you for considering!
  6. Here is the proof hun, I went ahead and had live support transfer it.
  7. It's not letting me send the 10k right now, So I'll try tomorrow. If not I'll just go through Live Chat and hope for the best lol The message button is fine lol, and that font is tiny! If you have a font you can change it to then that would be great!
  8. Okay Thank you ♥ Im gonna go ahead and send 10k now, then I'll send the other half tomorrow.
  9. I love it, doll! Do you have a sticker I can buy or would it be okay to send 10k now and 10k tomorrow this time? Im only allowed to send 10k a day and VIP support has been questioning people lately about sending credits
  10. Yay! I cant wait for everything to be done. When would you like me to send the credits?
  11. Could you do the same background you used for the icon? Also I love the icon! <3
  12. I think its perfect this way! But if you want to try you can go ahead!
  13. Would it be too much to ask to add some stars or clouds at the bottom of the icon?

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