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  1. :lazelaptop: Check out @Pea stream ♥ 


  2. Anyone obsessed with tamagotchi? Because I am right now and i dont even buy one YET. :lazemstrstealurgorl::lazemstrstealurgorl:

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    2. raisu


      i'm crying because the last time people had tamagotchis here was in 90's :wacry:

    3. VEITY


      @raisu Same but there are new one at amazon for example and im in love (and also late lol)

    4. raisu


      @VEITY Unhappy i don't know how to buy things by internet HAHAHA :lazetears:

  3. @HealSorrow Your DP is done
  4. @Emberly Also accepted (I forgot to write before, sorry!) @Saraxa Accepted @Hairclips Accepted
  5. @Saraxa If you're not at your home now I can claim you a slot for few hours. @Hairclips waiting for PM!



    Giveaway winners are:


    ♥ Place number one - 100k @Wrath



    ♥ Place number two - 50k @Bunno






  7. @Lapin Accepted, please send me your PayPal email!
  8.   GIVEAWAY  


    Hello, it's time for IMVU credits giveaway!


    There will be TWO winners:

    ♥ Place number one - 100k

    ♥ Place number two - 50k





    ♥ If you want to join giveaway you have to leave under this post GIVEAWAY TOKEN reaction.

    ♥ You have to have IMVU shop with at least one product and you should be able to change the price. (Reason: Im not a PRO creator so I have small limit to transfer credits to someone else, so you will get credits via your shop)





    ♥ The giveaway begins when this post is published so since you're reading this.

    Giveaway ends 1/10/2019 (D/M/Y) - I'll announce the winners in the new post.

    ♥ Winner will be tagged it the new post and also they will get PM with informations.


    Good luck!


    Follow me on IG: vu.biel


  9. @Hoseok Hello, slots will be open soon, when I'll finish two more orders.
  10. VEITY

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