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  1. @Lovey Hello, you asked for it before, so you're on the list.
  2. @Nikki @Kneck You've been added
  3. @Layla you've been added
  4. Attention


    The old waitlist has been removed.

    If someone wants to be added, send a private message. You will be informed about the open slots at my custom shop. Slots are only PayPal payment, credits slots are closed!

  5. @Lovey Of course, I just want to let you know this is only PayPal payment waitlist, credits slots are closed
  6. @Emberly Your DP is done, hope you like it! Waiting for PM with email
  7. @Emberly I just wanted to let you know that I started working on your order too.
  8. @dopaminum Good luck my pepepopo
  9. @Naden Accepted. You'll get your finished DP via PM. @Dbg Waiting for PM!
  10. @Paralyzer Waiting for pm @Dbg You have to send me PM with your order. It depends on your OC whether the order will be accepted.
  11. 3 slots are open! Waitlist: @Dbg @Spirits @Vee @shoua @Wynx

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