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  1. Does anyone happen to know how to make a tablet while using SAI cover only one monitor when you have two? tumblr_m4ttsiS6hu1qdlkyg.gif

    I haven't managed to figure out anything so I'm literally stuck turning off my 2nd monitor every time I draw, which kinda beats its purpose. tumblr_m3wh4uj7lS1qdlkyg.gif

    Every other program works fine (such as Photoshop) but it's as if SAI overwrites my tablet's driver no matter what I do. Any ideas are more than welcome!


    1. Kat


      Try typing "Wacom preferences" in your start bar, or whatever your tablet is called and click on the settings. There should be an option somewhere where you can select which monitor you want to use the tablet on. The tablet has to be plugged up in order for you to change these settings. 

  2. @Chan Hi! I would loooove to draw that bundle of adorableness. The price would be $25(base) + $5(detailed background) + $2(detailed item - hair clips) + $2(detailed item - collar) = $34! For the animations, I have noticed that you have a face expression change (to her being embarrassed) , which would be $6 and perhaps blinking, which would be another $4? If you're okay with these two, the total would be $44, let me know.
  3. @Spirits Here she is! I hope it's what you had in mind. I'll send you the large file in a bit too.~ And there's now a slot available!
  4. @Spirits Here she is! I'll add the bubble along with the rest of the animations but is this okay so far?
  5. @Navigare Accepted! Just to make sure, I can choose whichever OC I prefer? Since I see that there are quite a few in there. xD The price would be $25(base) + $5(background) + $4(blinking) = $34, but to this I'd also add some detailed items and such based on your OC, such as the wings for example if you'd like me to do them! I also see that there are a bunch of accessories, it doesn't matter which ones I decide to use?
  6. @Bunnie Here she is! Thanks for your order. ♥ And there's now a slot available! [ @Navigare ]
  7. @Bunnie Here's the second one as well, can I continue with the animation?
  8. @WifiWifey Thanks for ordering. ♥ The total would be $25(base) + $5(kitty) + $2(tattoo) + $5(background) + $4(wink) + $4(ears wiggle) + $4(grin) + $6(leaves animation) = $55, let me know if that's okay! @Bunnie Here she is! I'll pm you the large file soon as well. ♥
  9. @Bunnie Here's the finished piece! All good to move on to the animation?
  10. @WifiWifey Since someone already posted a form, I'll take theirs, but next time a slot opens, just post a form and you can have the slot. ~ I don't mind waiting for payment since I'll have other orders to work on either way. @Soku Welcome baaack! The total of your order will be $25(base) + $5(detailed bg) + $5(kitty) + $4(blink) + $4(smirk) + $2(twinkle) = $45, is that okay?
  11. @Naden Here she is, thanks again for ordering. ♥ I'll dm you the large file in a bit! @Rosey That's going to be really cute! The total for your order will be $40(base) + $2(more detailed clothes) = $42, and I will re-use the background I've done for your past order~ And another slot is now available! [ @Navigare @WifiWifey ]
  12. Current status of shop: OPEN
  13. Current status of shop: OPEN
  14. Current status of shop: OPEN
  15. Current status of shop: OPEN

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