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  1. IMVU username: toot Premade Name/Number: 105 Text: toot Format: .psd Email: PM Total Price: $10 Extra: nope
  2. Good Morning ~ Would you mind holding premade icon 105 until tomorrow morning? I will be able to pay the invoice then ^^
  3. bella

    DTPAY for Xilatr

    This is precious ~
  4. bella

    House of lies.png

    This is so unique, love the blue
  5. Your art style reminds me of 80's horror and I dig it Will definitely be back when you're not full
  6. bella


    This is stunning, I adore the colors you chose
  7. No worries ~ May I change the text to Bella with toot as the watermark? Invoice has been paid.
  8. Premade: Aftermath Name on premade(one): toot (may I pay extra for a second version with Bella?) Watermark(yes/no): No Paypal email(here or pm): [email protected] Total: $45 (unless it is an option to pay for a second text version) Do youagree tomy TOS: Yes
  9. Premade #: Edgy Boi Text: toot Have you read my rules?: yes Is this a gift for someone?: no Paypal email (you may PM this): PM'd (I understand that you do not make changes, but would you be willing to add small accessories? I would love to see him with a silver septum.)
  10. @darksalad Awesome, thank you so much for the fast reply
  11. @darksalad Are you currently accepting private orders?
  12. bella


    @Hibernate she's stunning I adore her facial structure
  13. oooooooo look at this beautiful art ♥

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