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♥♥♥  June 3rd 2019 @ 2 am is when I last smoked a cigarette!  ♥♥♥



I'm Cortney.

I love rainbows, stars, chibi wings, hearts, and pastels!

  Basically all things kawaii.  

I have been on imvu since 2007.

I have an enormous passion for both avi art and pixel art!

Right now I'm readying my catalog for badges!

I also love to collect badges!

  If you have badges in your catty...please send me a link!  

I'm just getting started so I would looooove to buy some or help in donating to your collection!

You can add me on fb, insta, youtube, and twitter.  However, most of my time is spent on fb!

  If you add me please shoot me a message and let me know you're from Art Haven!  

Thank you to anyone and everyone that creates beautiful pieces for all of us who cannot!


Love to all,

 Cortney imvu is PastelHiccups!


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