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  1. @Sereani Oh goodie! Here's proof of payment x Your art is lovely~
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    Hi, my name is Amanda, I'm 25 years old and live in NY (no, not the city). I'm also a single Pringle who's ready to mingle. -cringes at self- I've been on GASR for a long time. However, I've been on and off. I never really got into the community but now I want to change that. I used to draw but do to certain issues, I decided not to pursue an art career. The long story short, I have an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. If you're curious, you're welcome to message me about it. I rather it be discussed educationally instead of it seeming taboo. Anyway! I am an avid supporter and buyer of art as of recent. It was and always will be my favorite escape. <3 Welp, here are some random doodads about me. I love animals however I cannot stand bugs. However I will not do anything to them unless they land on me. Even then I'm paralyzed with fear and cannot do anything but scream. Ironic enough, I think most butterflies and moths are beautiful. I love nature as a whole, I love the stars, the moons, planets...well anything universe related, I technically like, lol. I'm a huge manga nerd, if you ever want a romance manga recommendation, I'm your gal! I love music, as of right now I'm listening to mostly Kpop and RnB. I'm always up for suggestions for new music tho, in any genre. I love the shows GoT, AHS and True Blood. Other then that I don't want much shows. Um...Idk what else to write. But nice to officially meet you all, hope for the best for all of us. <3 Also, I love how far GASR has come and will continue to support it however I can.

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