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  1. Hello! Right now this is the only available premade But this week I'll add more!
  2. @Resail Here you go! Sorry for the wait and thank you again!
  3. Got it! I'll send the dps on tuesday (not home right now ) I hope that's fine
  4. @Minx Here you go! Thank you @Kute That's really weird I hope it's just a temporary problem
  5. @Minx You may send! @Kute You mean you don't get notifications? Sorry if it sounds stupid
  6. @Resail I'm really glad you like it! I'll send it to you after I receive $30 my paypal is: [email protected]
  7. I finally managed to finish it! So sorry for taking so long I really hope you'll like it!
  8. Thank you!! Will surely do
  9. @Mwee Here you go! Thank you @Amethyst I'll try to add more premades like her soon!

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