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I have made the personal decision for my mental health to discontinue sales of my artwork on any other platform but ArtHaven. This is to reduce drama, theft, and have some sort of seller/buyer protection other than just paypal. Thank you to everyone who has and are continuing to support me, I'm really sorry if this is disappointing to anyone. My dm's are always open to questions, orders, and general chatting:blove:




SLUG // 27 // TAKEN 


☆Hi I’m Kelsie☆

I enjoy doing art as a hobby. Recently I’ve been saving to move out and get my own place. Any and all support is super appreciated ♥



art, games, coffee, tea, cats



☆ commissions // no

☆ trades // ask

☆ collabs // ask

☆ gifts // no

☆ sluggie.exe // instagram

☆ derpyslug  // instagram

☆slugoi // deviantart

☆ voyeur // imvu

                   support: @Lynn@Clementea@Miaw@vickie@Han


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